Season One - Remembering!

Season One

Wow! What an exciting first year for Dance Dynamics! This year has flown by so fast and we can’t believe we are already in Season Two. Two words come to mind reflecting on this past year. THANK YOU! There is so much to be thankful for and this year would not have been what it is without our DYNAMIC staff, students, and parents. Thank you for believing in us, being a part of our dance family, and supporting us in this new and exciting journey for us. We are so incredibly humbled by the love and support sent from near and far throughout this year. This time last year we had absolutely no idea what to expect when we opened our doors. We have worked so hard and had this dream for so long, watching it come to life was so surreal.

There were so many highlights to the year, and hope you, the students and parents had just as an enjoyable experience as we have. From open house, to community performances, spirit weeks, holiday parties, competition season & recital, each and every one of these events were extra special as they were the beginning of traditions made for years to come! One of the most amazing moments that stood out was at our very first competition this past season. When one of the dances was recognized for a top score and the emcee asked them where they danced, we remember looking at each other with tears of joy in our eyes when the kids said, “DANCE DYNAMICS”. It was a moment we will never forget. Every time the kids are recognized, we are filled with so much pride and that feeling of accomplishment for our kids will never go away!

Each and every dancer has touched our life in a very special way this year, especially being our inaugural year. Each and every child that walks through our door is talented, unique, and shares one in thing in common: the love of dance. We are so passionate about sharing our love of dance and can’t wait to continue to grow our studio, so we can continue to share our wealth of knowledge, love, and opportunity for our dancers. We believe in serving as role models for our students, as well as providing them with a well rounded and versatile staff to not only serve as role models as well, but create opportunity within our doors for growth in the art of dance.

We understand change can be a scary thing. Believe us, starting our own business was, but we knew in our hearts it would be worth it!  We have learned so much in this process this year and can’t wait to continue changing and growing to provide an even better experience next year and the years to come. The late nights, early mornings, creative thinking, and teamwork was not always easy, but the end goal of doing things in the best interest of the kids never changed. As much as we know the kids work hard and want us to be proud of them (which we are), we want the kids to be proud of us too! Our dancers have left their handprints on our hearts and going into season two, have  inspired us more than ever to make this next year an amazing one!!!

-Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Paige