Competitive VS Recreational 

If you’re like me, I was born and raised in the dance studio. It was my second home. I ate, breathed, slept and dreamt dance. When friends from school asked me if I could go to the movies, or have a sleepover, 99% of the time my answer was, “I can’t I have dance.” If I could have slept at the dance studio, I probably would have! It was my life. I was also a competitive  dancer.

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When one year ends, another begins. For some this is the time to reflect on the past, and plan for the future. The same can apply for dancers. It’s important to teach young dancers how to set and attain goals.

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Paige Melanson

Ballet has been scientifically proven to help strength, balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness. Ballet takes a great deal of focus, persistence, and technical training to perfect, and even professional ballerinas aren’t perfect, but they sure are graceful.

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A Dream...

Welcome to our Dance Dynamics Blog. We will be sharing stories, tips, tricks and our passion in our world of dance. Check back for weekly updates and follow us on our journey of a lifetime.

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